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    15 days' practice for IELTS Speaking - this can be considered the best IELTS books on the market today for Speaking. 15 days 'practice for the IELTS speaking IELTS book in 4 volumes of 15 Days' Practice for all four skills and IELTS books "to make it worthwhile rice bowl" of the set. Today I will introduce you to the main content of the book 15 days' practice for the IELTS speaking, and more importantly, learning how to book the IELTS effective.
    As the name implies, ielts exam preparation materials 15 days' practice for the IELTS speaking learning roadmap for you within 15 days for Speaking, every day will focus on one segment of the IELTS test different:
    - Day 1: Speaking in general exam
    - Day 2-6: Part 1
    - Day 7-10: Part 2
    - Day 11-14: Part 3
    - Day 15: Sample Tests
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