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    Successful Negotiations, features over 4-hours of professionally recorded MP3 audio lessons covering the language and skills of negotiating in English. Each lesson is accompanied by a detailed set of PDF study notes, including a full transcript, vocabulary notes and explanations, and language review exercises. Learning is reinforced with an extensive set of online Flash quizzes and activities reviewing all the language and vocabulary covered in the course.
    1. * Key points to consider for negotiations
    2. * Tactical and strategic concerns
    3. * Vocabulary for describing negotiations
    4. * Establishing relationships with the other party
    5. * Starting off the negotiation and setting the agenda
    6. * Clarifying and evaluating positions
    7. * Declining an offer while maintaining goodwill
    8. * Bargaining and trading concessions
    9. * Restarting talks and overcoming obstacles
    10. * Closing the deal
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