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    This new 3-part reading series consists of My First Reading, My Next Reading, and My Best Reading. Each series expands and enhances the learners’ vocabulary from beginner to academic. A variety of well-structured activities make reading fun and interesting. The learner progresses from being able to read with help to reading independently.
    • Unit 1. Whoops… and Invention!
    • Unit 2. The Very Special Jack-O-Lantern
    • Unit 3. Make Your Own Dirt
    • Unit 4. A UFO? An IFO!
    • Unit 5. Who Would Get Up First?
    • Unit 6. Nauru
    • Unit 7. Ook and Aak
    • Unit 8. The DMZ: An Untouched Nature Reserve
    • Unit 9. A Bird's-Eye View
    • Unit 10. The Longest Voyage
    • Unit 11. A Look Underground
    • Unit 12. Sweet Science
    • Unit 13. A Different Museum Tour
    • Unit 14. The Sound of Strings
    • Unit 15. Let's Stay in Shape!
    • Unit 16. Animalympics
    • About My Best Reading
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