[PDF+CD] Hot English Magazine No.190, March 2018

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    Hi, and welcome to another issue of Learn Hot English – the fun magazine for learning English. This month, we’re looking at body language in meetings. Did you know that over 90% of the messages we communicate is through our body and voice? And only about 7% comes from the words we use. So, understanding the meaning of body language is really important. In this month’s lesson, you’ll learn how to understand what people are saying in meetings by analysing their body language. Listen to our audio files on this and really improve your listening and communication skills. Of course, that’s not all, and we’ll also be looking at Vancouver, naughty neighbours, musicals, mid-life crises, the French English accent and lots, lots more! Well, we hope you enjoy reading and listening to this issue of Learn Hot English. Have fun, learn lots of English and see you all next month!
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