[PDF+CD] Learn Hot English Magazine No.197, October 2018

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    Hi, and welcome to another issue of Learn Hot English – the fun magazine for learning English. In this month’s issue, we’ll be teaching you 15 really useful slang expressions. They’ll help you understand native English conversations, as well as films, TV series and songs. Of course, that’s not all, and we’ll also be looking at chocolate, airbrushing, Winston Churchill, Wall Street, Shia LaBeouf, ambush marketing, trends and graphs, buildings of the future, and lots, lots more! Well, we hope you enjoy reading and listening to this issue of Learn Hot English. Have fun, learn lots of English and see you all next month!
    • 5 Chocolate Revealed TRACK 01
    • 6 Name Game
    • 7 Story Time TRACK 02
    • 8 Useful Vocabulary: Sweets & Chocolate
    • 9 Useful Verbs and Expressions:
    • Sweets & Chocolate TRACK 03
    • 11 Let’s Talk About... Cooking in the Kitchen part II TRACK 04
    • 12 Grammar Fun: Relative Pronouns
    • 13 Error Correction TRACK 05 & Listening: Sport Special TRACK 06
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