[PDF+CD] Learning to Read with Phonics 2 Vowels Sounds Workbook

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    There is currently no translation or provision of this item, but if you have any questions about English translation, pronunciation, and grammar during the reading process, you can write to our full-time English teacher's mailbox: english_inquiry@sunshine-book.com. Tw ask, the teacher will give you a detailed translation explanation.
    • 【名稱】英語字母拼讀法 Learning To Read With Phonics #2 WorkBook (書+CD)
    • 【系列】字彙建構
    • 【簡介】
    • 【作者】 【繪者】
    • 【產品編號】GPID11446 【中文導讀】N/A
    • 【訂價】NT$180元 【瀏覽次數】1914
    • 【會員價】153元 【折扣】85折
    • 【庫存狀態】供應中
    • 【標籤】 BOOK CD
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