[PDF+CD] Let's Go 1 Reader Level 7 - Oh, No!

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    Packs of eight readers per level feature a variety of topics, based on the related vocabulary. They can be used in conjunction with Let's Go or as a separate reading program. Each book ends with reading comprehension, reading skills, and vocabulary exercises. An audio CD features engaging recordings of each story.
    • Edition: Digital original
    • Author: Bryce, Alan /Ziolkowski, Steve
    • ISBN: 9780194735698
    • Print ISBN: 9780194735698
    • Publisher: OUP-ELT
    • Publication Year: 2016
    • Pages: 18
    • Ebook format: PDF
    Link Download
    Let's Go 1 Reader Level 7 - Oh, No! CD.rar [5.31 MB]
    Let's Go 1 Reader Level 7 - Oh, No!.pdf [8.83 MB]
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