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    American English for Everyday and Academic Use is a textbook for classroom/individual study and is designed for adult learners whose command of English ranges from high school to college level and who need to improve both their understanding and active use of English in real-time communication.

    American English for Everyday and Academic Use is among the few books published in Russia to be aimed at an integrated study of American English (lexis, grammar, phraseology, and pronunciation), which sets it apart from the bulk of similar publications traditionally aimed at British English. Special attention is given to improvement of speaking skills and listening comprehension.
    The book's major goal is to help students develop appropriate response in person-to-person communication and advise them how to cope with many of the problems stemming from national and cultural features specific to the United States. Therefore, the book's special characteristic is that it offers a combined study of communication and culture.
    • Year: 2005
    • Author: Tretyakov, JP (Ed. Ed.)
    • Publisher: St. Petersburg Science
    • ISBN: 5-02-027143-8
    • Format: PDF, MP3

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