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    “It slipped my mind,” “don’t fly off the handle,” and “I’m counting on you” are just a few of the idiomatic expressions that native English speakers might use on any given day. For non-native speakers, however, these phrases can be confusing. EASY AMERICAN IDIOMS cuts through that confusion and teaches natural sounding conversational English. The lessons in EASY AMERICAN IDIOMS focus on situations that everyone can relate to: meeting people, expressing likes/satisfaction, expressing dislikes/displeasure, working, shopping, socializing, sports, television, going out, and more. Each section features useful and appropriate idiomatic expressions, with dialogues interspersed between lessons. Idioms can be complicated, but the lessons and dialogues are simple and clear. Includes over 4 hours of recordings.


    Do you want your English to sound natural and fluent? Idiomatic expressions are essential to natural sounding English, but they can be challenging to remember, and even harder to use in conversation. This simple and straightforward program can help you master hundreds of useful and common idiomatic expressions. Best of all, you don't need a book, so you can listen anywhere and anytime it's convenient. It's a piece of cake! Easy American Idioms includes: -Twenty entertaining lessons on four audio CDs
    -Simple definitions, sample conversations, plenty of examples and spoken practice
    -A bonus Idiom Flashcard CD-ROM
    -A listener's guide with conversations, idioms lists, and definitions, available online
    Easy American Idioms is an intermediate ESL program for speakers of any language.

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