[PDF+MP3] Oxford Bookworms Library Level 2-The Children of the New Forest

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    England in 1647: King Charles is in prison, and Cromwell’s men are fighting the King’s men. These are dangerous times for everybody. The four Beverley children have no parents; their mother is dead and their father died while fighting for the King. Now Cromwell’s soldiers have come to burn the house – with the children in it. The four of them escape into the New Forest – but how will they live? What will they eat? And will Cromwell’s soldiers find them?
    • The Children of the New Forest
    • Author: Frederick Marryat
    • Publisher: Oxford
    • Publication date: 2000
    • Number of pages: 53
    • Format / Quality: PDF+DJVU
    • Size: 3.62MB
    • Level 2
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