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Pearson English Firsthand Success ActiveTeach 5th Edition DVD-ROM

Discussion in 'English for Teens' started by ngochuyen1801, Jun 20, 2021.

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    English Firsthand is the best-selling oral communication series that has been supporting ELT teachers and students for more than 25 years. It helps students build success and confidence through hands-on active learning. The series was designed to help students learn English by using English. It provides: realistic language models personalized and motivating tasks sufficient language support (vocabulary, grammar, and functional phrases) opportunities to communicate personal information, opinion and ideas
    • Preview activates vocabulary in a clear, picture-dictionary format
    • Drama Coach videos model conversations and move students to more engaging practice
    • Shadowing, an active listening technique, is integrated throughout the series
    • "Can Do Goals" are in line with the CEF "Can Do" statements
    • Real Stories based on true events and people provide personalized writing models
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