Pearson New Big Fun 1+2+3 Active Teach DVD-ROM

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    New Big Fun 3 Levels
    Active Teach DVD-ROM
    3 Files | 2,5 GB
    NEW BIG FUN teaches young kids English – by listening, imitating and repeating – in the same way that they learn their native language, allowing them to grow confident speaking English on their own. Starting with basic vocabulary and language, Big Fun teaches children English in the context of eight engaging themes.They learn about math, reading and writing readiness, values and nature as they practice motor skills doing creative projects.
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    Pearson - New Big Fun 1 ActiveTeach DVD-ROM.rar    787.11 MB
    Pearson - New Big Fun 2 ActiveTeach DVD-ROM.rar    809.09 MB
    Pearson - New Big Fun 3 ActiveTeach DVD-ROM.rar    861.94 MB
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