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    In this free comparatives card game, students link nouns together by making comparative sentences with than. Give each pair of students a set of noun cards. The students shuffle the cards and deal them out evenly. One student goes first and puts one of their noun cards face up on the table. The students then take it in turns to put down a noun card and make a comparative sentence with than, linking the two nouns together, e.g. 'A car is faster than a bus'. 'A bus is bigger than an elephant', etc. Students can put a card down either before or after the card or card chain on the table, similar to dominoes. Each time a student puts down a card they must use a different comparative adjective. If a student makes a grammar mistake or can't think of a way to link two noun cards together, they miss a turn. This continues back and forth with students linking nouns together with different comparative adjectives. The first student to get rid of all their cards wins the game. When the students have finished, pairs write out the comparative sentences they made. Students then read out their sentences to the class.
    • Series: Reading Comprehension Grammar
    • ISBN: 978-XXXXX
    • Author:Koalatext
    • Publisher: Koalatext
    • Year: 2020
    • Language: English
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