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    If the best advice you can glean from some grammar books is 'Be sure that a pronoun, a participial phrase or an appositive refers clearly to the proper subject', would it help you to improve your written English? No lo creo! When you just need to know whether to use 'practice' or 'practice', you don't want to be enmeshed in past participles, pluperfects or prepositional phrases - only to find that you don't understand the definition anyway. You need an easy-to-find, straightforward explanation and a clear example so that you can get the job done. This is not a book about theory; it's about learning how to use English correctly. It will show you what to do, when and why - so you can avoid the pitfalls, improve your English and never make the same mistakes twice. You ' ll find everything you really need to know - and nothing you don't! This is a totally indispensable little book.
    • Publisher: Foulsham & Co Ltd (31 March 2003)
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