Secretary's Guide To Correct Usage, Punctuation, Spelling, And Word Division

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    This helpful reference book is divded into ten chapters of related information and practical guidelines. A cross-referenced index is included. The central aim in each unit is to provide fast, concise help to the secretary in her transcribing and writing procedures. With the introduction of word-processing equip¬ ment into offices, experienced secretaries recognize the need to be alert to correct usage because errors are duplicated in the playback of recorded material. This book will be an invaluable time and effort saver in the constantly changing office scene. The “English of Business” should be direct and to the point; it is concerned with economy of words, and the secretary’s role in production is also concerned with this, particularly as it relates to the economy of time.
    • Publisher : West Nyack, N.Y. : Parker Pub. Co.
    • Publication date : 1979
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 282 pages
    • ISBN 10 : 0137974981
    • ISBN-13 : 9780137974986
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