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    This is a book to make you fluent in Spoken English. "Everywhere,whether it’s an institution or an industry, people who speak English better are treated above par than those who are not able to speak it fluently. And fluency of speech gives a magnetic character to its speaker and it influences positively the person to whom you speak.

    Though you read English better, write English better and even you are able to manage to speak English, yet sometimes, you feel that your English utterance doesn’t leave any impression on your counterpart. It means that your vast knowledge of English isn’t helping you to get the required results and it lacks something. And your adequate knowledge of reading and writing English is facing the difficulty to move, that can put you in dilemma when you have to see a daemonic dignitary, you have to face an implex interview, and you have to represent a vivid view, then you find that your treasure of English doesn’t wish to assist you.

    Believe that you are born to achieve high degree of speech fluency. The only requirement is that you go through each page of this book carefully, attentively,religiously and patiently, and follow every command honestly. And you’ll find that your ENGLISH SPEECH is getting golden wings of FLUENCY with ease. "—Dr. Mahendra Saraswat

    01.Acquire the Power of Pronunciation Skill 2–11
    02. Let Yourself Grasp the Pompous Shortened Forms 12–19
    03. Bank Upon the Proficient Vocabulary 20–45
    04. Train Your Tongue 46–61
    05. Befriend with Speech Fluency Techniques 62–76
    06. Let Down Your Fluency Obstacles 77–91
    07. Divide and Rule Your Speech 92–96
    08. Realize the Beauty of Pauses 97–112
    09. Speak in Rhythmic Fluency 113–123
    10. Control Your Speech Delivery 124–136
    11. Tag Your Speech with Short Responses 137–157
    12. Secret of Successful Spontaneous Speech 158–182
    13. Beautify Your Speech with Drops 183–191
    14. The Final Touch 192–234
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