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    Do you refer to a dictionary most often for word meaning or for the correct spelling of a word whose meaning you already know? When this question was asked of some 2,000 randomly selected students and secretaries, roughly eight out of ten replied “for correct spelling.” This is our justification for the preparation of this book. Although the idea of a spelling guide is not new, we believe you will find this one unique. How? Because it is structured both as a teaching text and asa reference book. Other books of this type have emphasized what they elect to call “common” words and include the many possible endings of these words, for example: invent, inventible, invention, inventive, inventively, inventiveness, inventor; or entertain, entertained, entertainer, entertaining, entertainingly, entertainingness, entertainment.
    • Title: Spelling Reference For Business And School
    • ISBN: 0879097728
    • Author: John M. Doyle
    • Publisher: Reston, Va. : Reston, Pub. Co.
    • Year: 1976
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 228
    • Size: 7 MB
    • Format: PDF-SCAN
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