Study Skills for Academic Writing

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    Designed for upper-intermediate and advanced English language learners, this course aims to enable students to use written sources wisely in their academic essays, reports and dissertations. It covers major study skills, such as library skills and bibliographies, but chiefly shows the student how to incorporate ideas into their own written work: summarizing, assessing and avoiding plagiarism. The emphasis is on formal written style, Authentic texts are used for assessment and summarizing. Throughout the book the student build up competence to write an extended task in the final unit.
    • Study Skills for Academic Writing
    • Author: John Trzeciak
    • Publisher: Prentice Hall (UK)
    • Publication date: 1994
    • ISBN: 013017856X
    • Number of pages: 128
    • Format / Quality: PDF
    • Size: 26 MB
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