Teaching Pronunciation: A Handbook for Teachers and Trainers

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    This resource was produced as part of a DETYA project aimed at helping language teachers and workplace trainers working with adult migrant learners of English as a second language to increase their confidence on teaching pronunciation effectively. 'Teaching Pronunciation' seeks to provide detailed frameworks for teachers to use in working on pronunciation with a range of different ESL learners in a range of different types of situation. Attention is focused on two main issues: 1. The need to integrate work on pronunciation into other kinds of classes and training, as well as or instead of teaching pronunciation separately in dedicated classes 2. The need to offer assistance to those who need to teach pronunciation in workplace as well as in classroom contexts, since, increasingly, language tuition is part of workplace training, where the situation and challenges are quite different from those of the traditional classroom context In both these contexts, teachers need to be equipped to deal with a range of different types of learners, who in turn have a wide range of different needs and constraints. The frameworks outlined here are intended to offer flexible but effective principles and practices that teachers can adapt to their own particular circumstances. Contents: -Introduction -Background to the frameworks -Framework 1: Teaching beginners -Framework 2: Teaching more advanced learners -Framework 3: Teaching pronounciation in the workplace.

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