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    Nowadays few people will dispute the importance of vocabulary, especially the need for active vocabulary practice. the Test Your Vocabulary books filled this need when they first came out, and they continue to do so. There are six books in the series, from elementary to advanced level. In this new edition of the series each book has ten new tests. To facilitate self-study there is a full Answer Key Students using Test Your Vocabulary will find learning vocabulary both stimulating and enjoyable.
    Start Testing Your Vocabulary is the first book in the series and is intended for elementary students. It contains sixty test and aims to build up a basic vocabulary of approximately 850 words. These are arranged into areas such as jobs, food, sport and hobbies, the home and parts of the body, plus verbs, prepositions and adjectives. Since the student's range of vocabulary at this level is not very wide, approximately half the tests are picture-based. Other techniques employed are gap-filling, crosswords, choosing the appropriate word or antonym, one-sided dialogue writing, grouping words under the same beading and finding the "odd man out"
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