The Ha Long Bay And The Quang Ninh Province (NXB Thế Giới 1994) - Đỗ Phương Quỳnh, 100 Trang

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    The Ha Long Bay And The Quang Ninh Province
    NXB Thế Giới 1994
    Đỗ Phương Quỳnh
    100 Trang
    The Ha Long Bay is one of the tourist attractions of Vietnam. The film Indochine starred by Catherine Deneuve shows fine images of this 8111 Wonder of the World.
    And yet without being told in advance visitors may not know that the province of- Quang Ninh, part of which is the Ha Long Bay, also stores the most attractive treasures of mankind.
    Recently I have been carried away in an autumn flight to Yen Hung, the southwestern district of the border province of Quang Ninh. Crossing the immense Pha Rung ferry, some 20 km northeast of Hai Phong, we made a stop to explore the hinterlands, thus giving up the classic "package tour" around the Ha Long Bay.
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