The Oxford Young Readers' Dictionary

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    In this revised edition we have preserved the virtues of earlier editions while adding significant new dimensions to suit the needs of all young readers. The definitions are still simple; the typography and design still aim at readability and user-friendliness. It is a real dictionary which young readers and writers can use not only in the classroom but also on their own. In a number of ways, however, the scope of this edition is larger than it was previously. The vocabulary has been increased, especially with a view to covering semantic areas of technology and popular culture which are part of children’s day-today experience. In other respects, too, this edition keeps pace with recent concerns in English teaching.
    • Title: The Oxford Young Readers' Dictionary
    • ISBN: 9780199194277
    • Author: Sansome, Rosemary
    • Publisher: Oxford : Oxford University Press
    • Year: 1997
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 264
    • Size: 18.89 MB
    • Format: PDF-OCR
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