The Power Of Little Words: Some Ideas To Improve Your Writing

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    THE POWER OF LITTLE WORDS may prove to be the most controver¬ sial book about writing ever written. In it, John L. Beckley blasts both academicians and business writers for being more concerned about the impressions they make with their writing than about getting their ideas across. “Everyone should learn to write and speak in ordinary, everyday language,” he says. “Then perhaps the common people might not be so common. They would have a chance to understand more of the wonders of this world instead of being kept in the dark. Write to express, not to impress.” And what makes writing more read¬ able? Simple sentence structure and shorter words, he argues and backs up with examples. Use of anecdotes and repetition, step-by-step organization and the use of humor are some of the techniques discussed and demon¬ strated in his book.
    • Publisher : Fairfield, N.J. : Economics Press
    • Publication date : 1984
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 136 pages
    • ISBN 10 : 0910187029
    • ISBN-13 : 9780910187022
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