Thomson Proficiency English Book 1-Language and Composition

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    The fact that you are beginning to study this book shows that you are no longer what is called an Intermediate student of English but can be considered Advanced – that is to say, it can be assumed that you can express yourself quite well in English, both in speaking and in writing. This book is intended to help you to improve still further so that you can reach the point where people will say that your English is fluent – a level measured by the Cambridge Proficiency examination, for example.
    You will see my personal opinion of the difficulties ahead of you and how you can best solve them in Lesson 4 of this book. But it may he helpful for me to make the main points of my argument here, before you start. In the first place, there is still quite a long way to go before you can feel sure that your English is fluent. You have probably noticed yourself that while you can express your ideas in English clearly enough, you only know one way of saying or writing them. You would like to be able to vary this a little, depending on the company around you or the situation you find yourself in, just as you would in your own language.
    • Proficiency English: Language and Composition – Book 1
    • Author: W.S. Fowler
    • Publisher: Thomson Learning Australia
    • Publication date: August 1976
    • ISBN: 0175551170
    • Number of pages: 180
    • Format / Quality: PDF
    • Size: 8,5 MB
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