Tiếng Anh Chuyên Ngành Kỹ Thuật Địa Chất (NXB Đại Học Quốc Gia 2014) - Hoàng Thị Thanh Thủy

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    The text book English for Geosciences is for students and lecturers – who need to enhance their command of the English language with the terminology of geosciences. Subject from fundamental and applied geosciences are discussed. At the end of each lesson, a large number of necessary words, exercises and grammar structures are provided to help readers understand specific problems. Terminology is practiced through multiple tasks and interesting exercises. A glossary is also provided at the of each lesson. This textbook is meant for learning in classes are well as for self-study. The objectives of this textbook aimed at understanding the academic vocabulary, interesting the information from the text in order to identify and summarize a geologic text, present one’s study plans and other skills in academic English.
    • Tiếng Anh Chuyên Ngành Kỹ Thuật Địa Chất
    • NXB Đại Học Quốc Gia 2014
    • Hoàng Thị Thanh Thủy
    • 166 Trang
    • File PDF-SCAN
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