Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese For Beginners 2 (NXB Văn Hóa Sài Gòn 2009) - Phan Văn Giưỡng, 182 Trang

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    Phan Văn Giưỡng is a senior lecturer in Vietnamese at the Department of Asian Studies and Languages, Falculty of Arts, Victorian University of Technology.
    He is the author of Functional Vietnamese (Vietnamese for foreign business people and travellers), Hoa buồn (Sad Flowers), Bàn tay tình tự (Lovely Hands), Dung nhan (A portrail) [poetry], From the Motherland, A good Hearted Friend, In the New Land (short stories), and Vietnamese Press in Australia.
    He is also editor of Hien Dien Literature Magazine (Vietnam) and Vietnam Times Newspaper (Sydney).
    Mr Phan was awarded "the Victorian Achievers of the Year Award" on The Australian Day 1991.
    • Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese For Beginners 2
    • NXB Văn Hóa Sài Gòn 2009
    • Tác giả: Phan Văn Giưỡng
    • Số trang: 192
    • Kiểu file: PDF
    • Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Việt
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