TOEIC Training - Reading Comprehension 860 (NXB Thời Đại 2011) - Park Seong-Uk, 269 Trang

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    TOEIC is a very challenging examination, and unfortunately, many students find it hard to achieve the score they need. One reason for this is that the TOEIC questions use many challenging words, so students need a considerable number of business vocabulary items. The other reason is that TOEIC questions challenge students in a very logical manner. Many students are not comfortable with this type of thinking, which can make the test very challenging.
    The maximum score on TOEIC is 990 points. A reasonable score is above 700 points, a good score is anything above 800 points, and a great score is anything above 900 points.
    Being aware of the practical demand of learners, we have designed the series TOEIC TRAINING RC and LC – 730 and 860 whose questions are taken from the most recent TOEIC tests with the aim of helping those who want to achieve the score of approximately 700 – 900 points. This series of books is hopefully a very beneficial and rewarding material for class use with the assistance of an instructor or for self-study.
    • TOEIC Training - Reading Comprehension 860
    • NXB Thời Đại 2011
    • Park Seong-Uk
    • 269 Trang
    • File PDF-OCR
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