Word Recreations Games and Diversions from Word Ways

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    People have been playing with words since the time of the ancient Greeks. However, wordplay was not clearly perceived to be a separate field of study, somewhat analogous to recreational mathematics, until the publication of Dmitri A. Borgmann's book, Language on Vacation , in 1965, which systematically examined many different types of wordplay. In this book, he rehabilitated an old word to describe the new field; he proposed that logology , once defined as the 11 science of words" and illustrated by two nineteenth-century quotations in the Oxford English Dictionary, be a synonym for 11 recreational linguistics". In 1968 he founded the quarterly magazine Word Ways, the Journal of Recreational Linguistics to provide a form for reporting new discoveries in logology, and served as its editor for the first year . There is little doubt that he has done more to bring the subject of logology to general attention than any other individual.
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