Writing In Bullets: The New Rules For Maximum Business Communication

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    With the exception of diaries, which people write pri¬ marily for themselves, writing is a medium intended for communication. This may be communication between only two people or many, a known audience or an anony¬ mous one, but no matter who sees it, in order for the writ¬ ing to communicate effectively, it must permit ideas, facts, and intention to be transmitted appropriately. No confu¬ sion, no wasted time, no wasted effort. But there are fundamental differences in the kinds of writing and who the writing is intended for. A poem writ¬ ten for a lover has different style and content require¬ ments than a definition written for a dictionary. In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, writing also may have different roles depending on what it is intended to accomplish. An executive summary is differ¬ ent from an owner’s manual; a resume different from a business plan.
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