Writing Well Grade 7 - A Guide for Proper Writing Technique

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    This book offers a dual approach to the teaching of writing. It acknowledges the importance of the formal study of grammar but also supports recent research which suggests that in order to become writers, students must write. For this reason, Writing Well reinforces grammatical concepts with practice sections to clarify language basics but also includes extensive writing assignments. This volume particularly emphasizes proofreading skills. Students become their own editors by reading and revising their writing and the writing of their peers. The objectives for each lesson are reviewed in the Edit portion of each page. Answer key and progress chart are included.
    • Writing Well Grade 7. A Guide for Proper Writing Technique
    • Author: Georgia Archibald
    • Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press
    • ISBN: 978-0787705077
    • Date: 2001
    • Pages: 28
    • Format: PDF
    • Size: 1.15 Mb
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